Business Cash Advance Program

DakotaCheck provides Short Term Business Loan solutions for large and small businesses using the Business Cash Advance Program. A Business Cash Advance is not a loan; it is an up-front lump cash payment against your future sales collected through all electronic payments.

Every day, a fixed percentage of your electronic payment sales are deducted until the advance is satisfied.

Remember this is not a loan; therefore there is no prepayment penalty, no fixed payment schedule, no maturity dates, and no minimum monthly payments. At any time, you can choose to settle the advance by paying us the balance of what you owe.

Approval is usually obtained within 24 hours once required documents are sent to underwriting. Cash is wired to your bank account 5 business days from the time the signed contracts are submitted.

eC Cash AdvanceTM is not credit score driven, therefore it is not necessary for you to have good credit to receive an advance. A poor credit ratings will not normally influence a cash advance decision.